Hyperlite Led High Bay Light

Very good lighting performance: Choose the 1-10V dimming option and adjust the beam angle of 120 degrees on this powerful high bay LED. 14,000 lumens (100W), up to 140 lumens per watt. The warm look of 4000k increases productivity and is more economical.

use of overhead dimmable lighting
Our high bay lights have dimming capabilities. A 100 watt high bay dimmer is sufficient for small office needs. You can get dimmable lighting with any power requirement, such as 200 watt, 150 watt and 100 watt high shed dimming.

Cross-industry versatile: Hyperlite high ceiling lights can be used indoors or outdoors. Ideal for low-altitude needs such as factories, warehouses and stadiums, shops and shopping malls. UL IP65 certification


5 year warranty: Hyperlite manufactures the most durable LED sundries store lights. Save time and money by choosing high-bay LED lights you can trust. Your purchase is supported by our 5 year warranty. Now click on ”Add to Cart”!